Midwest Hospitality

Midwest Hospitality Controls Group is a leading consulting, bookkeeping and financial management firm, specializing in restaurants, bars, night clubs and other hospitality enterprises.  With over 10 years of industry specific experience, MHCG offers fully integrated solutions that drive sales and increase performance and efficiency. Whether you are ready to embark in your first business venture or already have an established history, MHCG can strategically equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to maximize your business potential and maintain a necessary competitive advantage.

Complex market conditions can easily overwhelm the private entrepreneur, making it increasingly difficult to achieve and sustain a successful and profitable business model. Over the years, MHCG has developed a captivating formula, combining an intricate set of in-depth analytical reporting tools, implementing strict control procedures and applying a thorough knowledge of the hospitality industry, that is proven to maximize the performance and potential of our clients.

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