Financial Reporting
Internal Analysis

Tracking your day-to-day financial activities and clearly presenting them to management are crucial to achieving profitability.  MHCG specializes in efficiently streamlining the entire financial statement preparation process.  In addition to standard financial statement compilations, MHCG offers an assortment of internal reports and analysis that focuses on specified areas of our clients’ operations.

Sales and Revenue Tracking | Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Statement Reconciliations | Operating Budget

Timely Financial Statement Compilation | | Payroll Reporting and Analysis | Cash Flow Forecasting

Cost Control
Purchasing Analysis

MHCG is much more than a typical accounting firm.  With over ten years of restaurant financial management experience, MHCG offers comprehensive financial consulting services that span far further than traditional firms.  We have a proven track record of identifying potential opportunities that drive sales while controlling costs, derived from continuous first-hand operational experience.

Business Plan Development | 4-Point Business Analysis |  Lease & Contract Negotiations | Operating Cost Analysis
Computer Systems | Networking | Point-of-Sales Solutions | Management Development | Human Resource Guidance

Entry/Exit Strategies

While many businesses may be in tune with their business model, it is often times more difficult to gauge economic value of a business entity.  Throughout the course of a company’s lifespan, various obstacles inevitably arise that require the overall financial assessment of a business.  MHCG is an industry leader in financial valuation and structuring through time- proven methods of due diligence and financial modeling.

Present and Future Value Analysis | Debt and Equity Offerings | Purchase and Sale Agreement Examination 

Partnership Opportunities | Partnership and Corporate Structuring

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